Passed 1st time
Mark has been an amazing instructor! He always asked great questions to help me progress and I felt comfortable and relaxed in every lesson. The LDC online materials were also a great help and easy to navigate! Thanks to Mark, I've had a very smooth driving journey, I would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive!

Really enjoyed learning to drive
I have really enjoyed learning to drive thanks to Mark. He was calm, patient, reassuring and supportive. Lessons were always planned around what I wanted, or felt like I needed, to do. The LDC online resources were excellent for tracking progress and especially for mock theory tests and practical test related questions. As were the accompanying photos on Mark’s Facebook page. I’m thrilled I’ve passed, but going to miss the lessons!

Fun and Progressive Lessons
I recently passed my driving test using the LDC process with instructor Mark. A great help. Upon writing this review there were several commendable aspects about the process and LDC specifically. I would first like to touch on how useful the online resources were. It is a genuine driving bible. Every aspect of the course is on there including theory practice tests, the highway code, lesson modules and so on. A very useful tool to refer to. Secondly, I'd like to commend the lessons and teaching in general. I genuinely do not think there is a better teacher out there, Mark has the ability to defer stress in times of road panic. I remember one of my first junctions lessons I stalled the car three times within three minutes, through this Mark aided me with a reassuring 'not to worry' proceeded by instructions to get us out of the situations. The lessons were fun and progressive and we spent adequate time on each module, making efficient progress. Most importantly though, Mark is a very likeable person and makes the lessons feel ever so easy, he is equipped with gapes of road knowledge and has all of the correct resources and methods needed to succeed.

Tailored to My Needs
Fantastic driving teacher. The lessons were productive, tailored to my needs, and reinforced positive driving habits. He has an unwavering dedication to his job with a commitment to getting you ready for the test. I really recommend Mark for driving lessons. Thanks for helping me pass!

I have not seen dedication like it!
I started with Mark in spring of 2023, I have just passed my test thanks to him in late January. However, I wish I had more time with him, his knowledge of the road, calmness and dedication to helping you pass is extraordinary. I have not seen dedication like it! His ability to reassure you and give you a confidence boost was one of the main reasons I passed as I was definitely under confident, however, with his reassurance, I was able to pass my test, first time! The online website for LDC definitely helped me pass my theory test too! My last point is this, if you are even considering doing lessons with Mark, go with it, you WILL NOT regret it, the lessons you learn from him about driving confidently and one of my favourite sayings from him, “it’s just another road” really has helped thrive now as driver who has passed their test. He truly is a one of a kind instructor!

Confidence is the key
I would highly recommend Mark for anyone learning to drive, His patience and support is unmatched. When I started learning i had no confidence in my abilities of driving but by the end i had all the confidence i needed to be a smart and safe road user.  LDC has some brilliant material to use whether you learn from pictures or reading it's all there in the LDC workbook and online. 

Gave me the confidence to pass
My experience learning to drive with Mark has been both educational and personalised, allowing me to feel comfortable when out driving whilst confident in my knowledge of the road and the car I’m driving. I found the online LDC resources invaluable in helping me prepare for both aspects of the theory test, with an easily accessible Highway Code, I could apply my knowledge to practise questions and a range of multiple choice tests as well as hazard perception tests, making the actual thing feel a lot more familiar.  My actual lessons were very well planned and thought through. Delivering all the necessary skills needed in driving while progressing to the next stage when I felt ready. Challenging me just enough so I could get the most out of each lesson, yet always feeling safe in the car. Mark’s teaching style was really well suited to me due to him being flexible with how much assistance I wanted while practising different skills or manoeuvres. He pushed me to go beyond my set goals for a lesson while still making it enjoyable and as least stressful as possible. His knowledgeable insight and experience with how the practical test worked, as well as the LDC workbook given to me to record and reflect on lessons, is what helped me to feel as prepared as I ever could’ve been for the final test and gave me the confidence and experience to pass. I would really recommend him to anyone looking to learn to drive while get the most out of it. 

Highly recommended
I was very pleased with my lessons with Mark. I came to him having already had some driving experience in the past and he was able to Mold the lessons and teaching around this, which made getting into the lessons themselves quick and easy. He was very descriptive with how and why certain things have to be done on the road but not in a way that made me feel overloaded at any time. He was great at pointing out potential weaknesses or errors in a constructive manner which helped me overcome them in time for my test. The additional materials included are worth having - while the LDC workbook wasn't quite my cup of tea I can see the benefit of it, especially for brand new learners, and the LDC online materials were incredibly useful when preparing for the theory test. All in all, highly recommended.

We had a laugh !!!
I would recommend Mark as he has always been understanding to any situation I’ve been in when driving and is always willing to put 100% into every lesson and make the most of our time together. My time with Mark over my 4 months of driving has been great as you can always have a laugh with him but progress along the way. He’s always on time, well prepared and gives you the opportunity to do what you feel comfortable with and go at your own pace.  Also, he loves a bit of his “grandpa style driving” so make sure you're ready for that 😂

An amazing learning experience
My driving lessons with Mark began early summer time, and I always looked forward to my lessons. I learnt not to doubt myself so much, and no matter how many questions were asked by me, Mark was always so patient and reassuring. I felt like I had control over my lessons and always got done and focussed on exactly what I wanted to. My confidence as a driver massively improved during those lessons and everything I was taught I am now using in my daily driving. The learning pace was adaptable and I never felt pressured or rushed, I had an amazing learning experience.

Really supportive and chilled
I really wanted to say a big thank you to Mark for helping me pass my driving test first time! We always got to discuss what we wanted to achieve prior to each lesson and the feedback and reflection after each lesson allowed me to quickly address errors for next time. Despite only doing one lesson a week and not being able to drive in my own time I was still able to pass after just 6 months, a lot quicker than most of my friends who were doing lessons and driving in their own time, which I believe is a testament to Mark's teaching and the resources in the LDC driving book. The LDC driving book allowed me to keep on learning in my spare time even when I couldn't drive.  The environment in the car was always really supportive and chilled and the mock tests prior to my exam were invaluable. Finally, Mark was able to bring forward my driving test to a more suitable time when I was ready (which is impossible to do yourself!) which I massively appreciate. I will be recommending my sister to learn with Mark as well, as soon as she's old enough!

Overcoming the nerves
I started taking lessons with Mark about October 2022 after finding him on the LDC website. He is an incredible teacher and very informative and calm towards his students and took everything at a pace I was comfortable with whilst also pushing me to do more on my lessons.   Each lesson he would help me improve my driving techniques to make it smoother for me and also giving me good references and methods to park better. The LDC online resources he provided were very clear and helpful especially the posts on Facebook and Instagram with the show me and tell me questions. He always made me feel calm when driving by talking to me and asking me questions about my hobbies and interests but also still keeping me focused on the road and making sure I was aware of everything around me. I would highly recommend Mark for any new drivers or intermediate ones, he adapts well and is very calm and concise during the lessons and really helps you along the way to passing your test.

A fantastic experience
I recently just passed my driving test with Mark from LDC. I highly recommend him as he was always so calm and patient with me. The help he provided was fantastic.  The LDC workbook was extremely helpful and it was a simple but effective step to step guide on driving. The app helps so much with passing my theory test and the practice quizzes were enjoyable to do. Overall a fantastic experience.

I would 100% recommend
As a first time learner driver, it was really important for me to feel comfortable and safe with my instructor. I am so pleased to have found Mark at LDC, as from day one he made me feel confident and supported. Throughout my driving lesson journey I’ve managed to conquer short term and long term targets which was only possible due to the encouragement of Mark. The online resources and the LDC driving skills workbook were extremely informative and helpful, they not only helped me pass my theory test but now also my practical test. I want to take this opportunity to thank Mark for enabling me to pass first time. I may have done all the practical work but I couldn’t have done it without him. And I would 100% recommend him to future learners. 

Building Confidence
Having had an unintentional gap of 6 years between passing my test and getting insured on my own vehicle, I was more than a little rusty when I got back behind the wheel. To boost my confidence, I booked some lessons with Mark, and I am so glad I did. Mark is a fantastic driving instructor. He is calm, friendly and an excellent teacher. He was always happy to answer my (many) questions about the rules of the road and helped me build my confidence week by week. I really enjoyed how each lesson went, having the LDC workbook to accompany our lessons meant we could identify areas of driving I wanted to improve and plan lessons in advance. It also meant I could look up any of my niggling driving questions between lessons or clarify anything I was confused about. Now our lessons are finished I will miss the fun we had, but I am so glad I chose Mark to be my instructor and am incredibly happy with the driving skills I now have. Thanks for everything Mark!

Passed 1st time
I passed first time with only 4 minors, and I’ve never been happier to leave a review of someone before! I found Mark just after the Covid buzz where everyone and their neighbour decided to learn how to drive. He came for a no pressure chat with me just to explain the process of our lessons and to see how well we would work together. I knew straight off the bat that it would going to be a great experience learning to drive with Mark. I started off without ever being behind the wheel of a car and he taught me without me having the privilege of driving in someone else’s car in between lessons (so I’m sure you can imagine the slight difficulties we faced together as I was only driving for 2 hours a week and then having a week break in between driving). Mark adjusted his learning techniques to best suit me and my ability. He encouraged me and reminded me constantly of my future goals so I never gave up, even when I had a bad week or made a few mistakes. His schedule was also very flexible and he made it very easy for us to base our lessons around my weekly changing work rota as I do night shifts and long 12 hour shifts during the week. Not only that but we constantly joked that I was getting free therapy sessions as well as driving sessions. I talked his ear off about my life and about my work and it always ended up feeling like I was in the car with a good friend rather than someone I was paying to be there with me. I really felt like this was such a good way to reduce my anxiety behind the wheel and I think this was a massive contributor to passing my test first time. He really adjusted himself and his teaching techniques to make me feel most comfortable and within a few lessons he knew exactly how to deal with me and my mentality towards success and failure. I couldn’t recommend Mark enough. It is very easy to see the big company name next to his and think you might not be getting the same 1-2-1 caring experience as a local instructor. But trust me when I say that this is not the case with Mark. He takes the time to get to know you and your abilities and remembers week to week your personal goals, regardless of the fact of having multiple other students. Thank you so much for teaching me, I’m still in a total buzz from passing and I can’t wait to be out on the road in my own car (when I stop being picky and find one lol)!

Passed 1st time
I started learning at the end of October, after a meet-and-greet with Mark, where he explained everything thoroughly and I was able to express any worries I had. All students are given an LDC workbook where you write about your lessons, progress and future goals in after each lesson, there is also an online hub that you can log into and see lesson dates, driving info and videos etc. it also provides you with a free theory app. The training car was also easy to get used to and easy to understand.  As an instructor Mark is always really calm, he makes each lesson fun whilst teaching you at a pace that you’re comfortable with. I would highly recommend Mark to anybody looking to learn to drive.

Lucille Lucille
Mark was a brilliant instructor! I was a nervous wreck and prone to panicking when i made mistakes but his calm approach and methodical way of showing me how to get control of the car again was spot on that I always felt much more confident after each lesson. I definitely can say that my money was well spent and would recommend him if you're like me (or not! Either way you're in good hands with Mark).

Dilsha Dilsha
Mark was really friendly, patient and calm throughout all my lessons. He explained things really well and was easy to understand. He made me feel calm before the test which helped with my nervousness and boosted my confidence. I enjoyed all his lessons, I would give him 5 stars and will definitely recommend to my friends.

Really enjoying my lessons
I've been taking driving lessons with Mark for a while now. I am really enjoying them. He explains everything to me very clearly and in a nice, calm manner. He is extremely helpful and answers all of my questions. He helped me figure out the best way for me to learn, which is to talk myself through it while I do it. I would highly recommend Mark to all my friends, family and everyone else.

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